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We also welcome your submissions to our Magazine section relating to the theme of the month. We seek to post only original material but will consider items published elsewhere from time to time; please let us know when and where such articles appeared before. We do not accept sermons. All submissions will be reviewed by our editorial team, though not all submissions can or will be posted. Submissions or proposals can be sent to us at Our guiding principles are that it be short and that it be true.


Monthly Themes:

February: Why are some Places holy?  Why do we imbue sanctity on some places and not on others?  We often claim that the church is the people, but we also love our buildings; how do those buildings serve our ministries and how might they interfere?

March: The Christian tradition (and Scripture) is founded on Conversion, on getting people to give up an old way of life and adopt the Way of Christ.  But conversion can be a tricky subject.  What are your stories of conversion?  Do we desire the conversion of all peoples or not? And, can we pursue interfaith cooperation and conversion simultaneously?

April: Fifty years ago the Episcopal Church was called the Republican Party at Prayer, but now it is known for being a liberal, progressive church.  What is the relation of the Church, Government, and the American Experience? Where is the church called to be in these tense political times – a place of activism or a refuge from political rhetoric?  Have we been hobbled by our declining influence or set free from our shackles to the establishment?

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