Saturday Roundup for March 16th



Kevin Robertson,a suffragan bishop in the Canada says the conservative primates are homophobic.


from blogger Joe Pagano: An Open Letter to the House of Bishops on Lambeth 2020


GAFCON chair, Bp Okoh, has a letter in time for Lent; criticizing the planning for the Lambeth conference



Episcopal Church

An update (?) on where the TEC-UMC communion agreement may be headed


Churches pushing back against technology’s domineering place in modern lives (featuring my former colleague, Josh Saxe in Lewisburg, WV)


Apparently Michael Curry was the inspiration for a character on the TV show God Friended Me


Episcopal School in Augusta, GA builds a nature-focused new campus


A Kansas priests who loves (and found love) competing in Roller Derby




Fred Hiltz, primate in Canada talks about servant leadership


An essay/reflection from a Canadian perspective on the impact of the impending wave of church closings


Rival biker gangs fought outside an Anglican church in Canada, leading to a death


A touching story about a medieval altar stone that showed up in Toronto and its return to Belgium



UK & Ireland

Longest serving Church of England bishop faces calls to resign after court hears he knew about paedophile priest


An article from the Irish Times on the challenges of an Irish protestant identity from a member of the (Anglican) Church of Ireland


An opinion from the UK on the harmful anti-LGBT legacy of British imperialism on the church today


An excellent roundup of the ruling concerning Wakefield Cathedral and its decision to not name the celebrants in advance that bothered someone who doesn’t accept female clergy


A very English paean to tiny churches



Other Interesting Items

New Archbishop in Polynesia (the “P” in ACANZP)


In time for the gospel of John’s troubling messaging during Holy Week, An interview with New Testament and Jewish Studies scholar Amy-Jill Levine on anti-semitism within Christianity


The impact of the Ethiopian plane crash – I’ve seen several things on FB naming people from the Anglican world focused on environmental issues who died



image: The Rev. Rob Baldwin, aka Slam of God, right, is pictured on the roller derby rink back when he skated with “The Usual Suspects.” He had to quit after three concussions and now is an assistant coach of a team known as the Regulators.

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Philip B. Spivey
Philip B. Spivey

This weekly round-up has added significant value to the Cafe blog. Like receiving communiques from the Front.

(N.B.: I applaud your decision to caption the UK and Ireland as separate entities.)

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