Same-sex blessings approved in New Zealand Anglican vote


According to Matangi/Tonga Online,

The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia has paved the way for the blessing of same sex relationships – but Anglican churches in Polynesia will all opt out – the Anglican Synod said in a statement today.

The vote occurred during General Synod after what Anglican Taonga describes as “50 years of earnest debate about human sexuality.” From Tonga Online:

The issue of recognising same sex relationships has challenged the church and its three tikanga – Maori, Polynesian and Pakeha for the best part of half a century. 

The breakthrough this morning, carried by a strong majority, came after a working group report proposed a solution which would provide bishops with authority to allow or deny Anglican priests in their area to bless same sex relationships.

Anglican churches in Polynesia will all opt out. Working group member Fe’iloakitau Kahi Tevi indicated that in the Pacific such a change would not be acceptable “but our children may have different views.”

He also emphasised the strong desire for the church to remain together even if there were different views.

“In our difference we find our strength,” he said.

Today the Polynesian strand of the church chose not to veto the motion.

Tikanga Pakeha archbishop Philip Richardson, who yesterday spoke at length of the integrity, sincerity and quality of the debate, said he acknowledged the hurt and sadness the decision would cause some delegates.

But the decision itself was welcomed with applause.

The statement said that a clause in the successful motion requires a select committee to clean up some aspects of the landmark decision and that is expected to be achieved before the Synod ends today, meaning a final vote can be called to complete the process that implements today’s decision.

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Tom Kentwell
Tom Kentwell

It's so sad when the church turns from God's ways.

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Father Ron Smith

Thanks are due to TEC for your leadership on this important issue of human thriving.
Christ IS Risen, Alleluia!

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