Review committee says Bishop Duncan has abandoned communion


The Episcopal Church’s Title IV Review Committee has certified that Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan has abandoned the communion of the church according to Episcopal Life Online:

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori informed Duncan on January 15 of the certification and sent him a copy.

Her letter told Duncan that she sought the canonically required permission from the House’s three senior bishops with jurisdiction to inhibit him, based on the certification, from the performance of any episcopal, ministerial or canonical acts.

“On 11 January 2008 they informed me that such consents would not be given at this time by all three bishops,” Jefferts Schori wrote.

Read it all here.

Comment: This is similar to the Bishop Schofield charge but without the Senior bishops’ consents Bishop Duncan cannot be inhibited. The House of Bishops will act on the abandonment charge at their next regular or special meeting after the 60 days for recanting has elapsed as per the time limits in Title IV Canon 9.2. If a majority of bishops eligible to vote then agree with the charge, the Presiding Bishop deposes him.


Mark Harris comments at Preludium.

Fr Jake’s comments are here

The Diocese of Pittsburgh responds here

Bishop Duncan offered a brief response to the news, saying, “Few bishops have been more loyal to the doctrine, discipline and worship of The Episcopal Church. I have not abandoned the Communion of this Church. I will continue to serve and minister as the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.”

The report of the Review Committee is here.

Meanwhile, Bishop Iker reveals he has received another letter from the Presiding Bishop.

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  1. The intentions of a significant number of dissident clergy have been clear since the infamous "Chapman memo" surfaced some years ago. One does ponder what more Bp. Wimberly and others who are loyal need to see now that the plan is so clearly coming to fruition?

    Jim Hammond


    St. Luke's, Remington, VA

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