Rebuild the Churches distributes $92,000 to each of six burned churches


After the killings at Emanuel African Methodist, and acts of arson against several historically black churches, a variety of faith-based organizations and individuals raised funds to help rebuild them. Muslim organizations were previously reported to have raised over $100,000, and several Christian groups have donated heavily.

The National Council of Churches is still soliciting funds, and the Rebuild the Churches Fund of Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral of St. Louis has announced an early distribution of $92,000 to each of the six burned churches (three are confirmed as arson; two were accidental, and the last is still under investigation, but an accident has been ruled out).

More than 3,000 people have now contributed to Rebuild the Churches Fund. You can join them on their fund-raising campaign page. You can read their press release for more details. The campaign ends in mid-September.

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