Pop culture talks to the Bible; the Bible talks back; we listen in


Here’s the majority of the table of contents for The Bible in/and Popular Culture: A Creative Encounter, Philip Culbertson and Elaine M. Wainwright, editors. The book was published last month by the Society of Biblical Literature.


Elaine M. Wainwright

Texts and Their Afterlives: 1…in Literature: A Frame

1. Some Novel Remarks about Popular Culture and Religion:

Salman Rushdie and the Adaptation of Sacred Texts

Michael Gilmour

Texts and Their Afterlives: 2…in Music and Other Multi-Media

2. Red Dirt God:

Divine Silence and the Search for Transcendent Beauty in the Music of Emmylou Harris

Mark McEntire

3. “Here, There, and Everywhere”:

Images of Jesus in American Popular Culture

Dan W. Clanton, Jr.

4. ‘Tis a Pity She’s (Still) a Whore:

Popular Music’s Ambivalent Resistance to the Reclamation of Mary Magdalene

Philip Culbertson

5. Spittin’, Cursin’, and Outin’:

Hip-Hop Apocalypse in the Imperial Necropolis

Jim Perkinson

6. The Bible and Reggae: Liberation or Subjugation?

Noel Leo Erskine

7. “Help Me Make It Through the Night”:

Narrating Class and Country Music in the Theology of Paul

Tex Sample

8. Jesus of the Moon: Nick Cave’s Christology

Roland Boer

9. Prophetic Voices in Graphic Novels:

The “Comic and Tragic Vision” of Apocalyptic Rhetoric in Kingdom Come and Watchmen

Terry Ray Clark

10. Reading “Pop-wise”:

The Very Fine Art of “Making Do” When Reading the Bible in bro’Town

Steve Taylor

Texts and Their Afterlives: 3…in Literature Again: A Frame

11. Daemons and Angels: The End of the World according to Philip Pullman

Tina Pippin


12. Close Encounters: The Bible as Pre-Text in Popular Culture

Laura Copier, Jaap Kooijman, and Caroline Vander Stichele

13. Pop Scripture: Creating Small Spaces for Social Change

Erin Runions

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Thanks, friends. Copies available through Amazon, or on the website of the Society of Biblical Literature. Philip Culbertson (co-editor)

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