Plant a tree for a sacrament


The Episcopal Church in the Philippines is requiring people to plant a tree when they receive the sacrament of baptism or are confirmed, or married.

Parishioners of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Luzon (EDNL) are required to plant a “tree of life” for every sacrament they receive. This was the accord the Anglican Church faithful concluded during their recent convention, as their contribution against climate change and environment degradation.


Bishop Renato Abibico said that when the child receives the sacrament of baptism and confirmation, parents and sponsors are obliged to plant at least one tree seedling either in private lots or on communal lands. Newly wedded couples are also required to plant a seed to grow and be nurtured to live as in nurturing for a happy family, he said.

He said the priest assigned in the area shall take charge of monitoring the growth of the plants until when they pass the survival period or when they can be left to grow into big trees.

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