Okah does not approve


The new Archbishop of Nigeria does not approve of the statement by the Bishop of Liverpool that homosexuality is a “given” and that the Anglican Communion will have to learn to live and work together amidst a variety of perspectives on how to live with that.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has restated the position of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria against the practice of gay marriage in the church….

This followed a call by Acting President Goodluck Jonathan on religious leaders in the country to collaborate with the Federal Government in transforming the country.

According Jonathan, “As a nation, we are challenged. Over the periods, we have failed to do what we should have done and we have done those things we should not have done.

“We know our problems. We want religious leaders to join us in solving the problems. We promise to do our best and we are totally committed to transforming this country.”

So instead of focusing his moral leadership on, say, inter-religious violence and the need for Christians and Muslims to find a way to live together peaceably for the good of Nigeria, Okah talks about homosexuality.

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2 Responses to "Okah does not approve"
  1. Is this just lousy journalism or does the Church of Nigeria really think that it is the Anglican Communion in Nigeria?

    Perhaps just poor journalistic research that is not helped by the silly way the Anglican church in Nigeria has named itself, The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). Is this fairly new?

    David Allen

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  2. I know, I know, I kept thinking their Englishman-- Canon of Jos, Nigeria-- Chris Sugden must have failed to provide the new Primate with all the necessary ¨urgent¨ data concerning Christian and Muslim UNITY in Nigeria...best to take another swing at the Homosexuals (for the sake of CANA?) and cause more murder and heartache (on top of murder and heartache)...em, ill-prepared and dangerous right out of the gate.

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