Obama makes it right (& Gene Robinson on Talk of the Nation)



(Updated: Bishop Gene Robinson’s interview on Talk of the Nation. Conducted before events reported in this post.)

From the Huffington Post’s Leath McElrath Renna:

A PIC source reports that some clips from the Lincoln Memorial event, including Bishop [Gene] Robinson’s prayer, will be played on the Mall prior to the swearing in ceremony. In addition, there are reports that HBO will likely include the prayer in its re-broadcast of the event.

Confirmation from Ben Smith at Politico:

Citizens turned out on the Mall to watch the event on giant screens tomorrow will have a second chance to see the invocation by Gene Robinson, the gay Episcopal bishop, a source at the Presidential Inauguration Committee said.

“Yesterday’s program will be shown on the jumbo screens on the Mall to entertain the assembled crowd. Tomorrow’s version will include Robinson’s prayer,” the source said.

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic is on it as well. And the NYT confirms that HBO will include Robinson in future broadcasts.

Here at the Cafe, we’ve been told that Bishop Robinson will also be attending the service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square tomorrow morning, and will be sitting with the President and his family at the parade. If all goes to plan, he will be on the Daily Show TOMORROW night (not tonight, s we had reported).

And here is Gene’s interview with Andrea Mitchell today on MSNBC.

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6 Responses to "Obama makes it right (& Gene Robinson on Talk of the Nation)"
  1. Good. Now it's time to return to celebrating the fact that a nation with a history of enslaving blacks can evolve into one that elects a black as its leader, and remembering a fallen black leader that helped make it possible. It's your turn on the stage. The better angels are prevailing, and the principles on which the nation was founded -- but fell short of -- are prevailing. Not that there's not much more to do to ensure a level playing field for blacks, gays and others; we still fall short and have work to do.

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  2. I think it's tomorrow (Tuesday, Inauguration Day) that +Gene is scheduled to be on the Daily Show. Unless, of course, they just changed the schedule in the last few hours.

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  3. I was on the mall yesterday, and Bishop Robinson's invocation was not shown as they played the broadcast of the concert...

    - Mike Angell

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