No rain last night in Denver


As a couple of commentators have pointed out, despite a half-serious attempt to call down rain on Barack Obama’s “parade” last night, the sky was clear of the stadium where he gave his acceptance speech.

Read Brian Kaylor’s take here.

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Isn't it ironic that, a few years ago, Pat Robertson blamed the Gay Days at Disney World for a hurricane that was bearing down on Central Florida, only to have it turn northward and make landfall in...wanna guess? Virginia Beach.

Although, speaking as someone who lived on the east coast of Florida for seven years, no one would wish anyone the wrath of a hurricane, esp. another one on New Orleans, as it looks like Gustav might do, isn't it likewise ironic that rain, rain, rain was prayed, prayed, prayed on the final (perfect) night of the Democratic Convention, but the Republican Convention is already considering suspending its operation pending...wanna guess? Rain, rain, rain.

Marc P Vance

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