Nigeria joins Uganda in total boycott of Lambeth


There’s been a great deal of interest in determining which provinces of the Anglican Communion are attending the Lambeth Conference and which are boycotting. For the most provinces, including our own, it’s a mixed bag with some attending and some boycotting. But Uganda was unique in that none of the bishops of that part of the Communion were attending. Today there’s news that Nigeria’s lone bishop, thought to be in attendance, has returned home to Nigeria.

Ruth Gledhill is reporting that Bishop Okorocha, who once served as part of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s staff under George Carey, thought to be registered and attending the conference, has instead returned home.

According to Ruth’s story:

“The only Nigerian bishop to register for Lambeth, Cyril Okorocha, Bishop of Owerri, has fled Britain and gone back home for fear of ‘reprisals’, a source has told The Times.”

Read the full article here.

Some background, and our previous mention of this is found here.

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Word. If by "reprisals" he had meant public rebukes, that would be one thing. But reading Gledhill, one gets the impression that Bp. Okorocha feared for his family's physical safety. If his concerns were founded, that would speak of a deep evil at the heart of the Nigerian Anglican church. It's at least understandable, if still inexcusable and contrary to Jesus' teachings, for Christians to condone violence towards others. It would be incomprehensible for Christians to attack a member of their own church.

Weiwen Ng

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