News reports roundup


Here is a round-up of how the press understood and interpreted General Convention.

New York Times: Pared-Down Episcopal Church Is Looking to Grow Through ‘Inclusivity’

Boston Globe (AP): Episcopalians authorize bishops to bless same-sex unions

The Independent (Reuters): Episcopal Church moves toward blessing gay unions

Los Angeles Times: Episcopal leaders affirm new policy on same-sex blessings

Washington Post: Episcopal Bishops Can Bless Gay Unions – Approved Compromise Measure Stops Short of Creating Liturgical Rites

PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly: General Convention Report.

The Grand Rapids Press

[I]mportant ministries and initiatives go unnoticed by national media attracted like moths to the spectacular flame of Christians arguing with Christians.

This week, the Episcopal Church took decisive steps to move beyond the perpetual family fight. Its national convention’s decisions will cause more losses in a divided denomination. But the moves could be a badly needed first day in the rest of Episcopal life, freeing up energy for more productive ministry.

Gawker: “…the only religion to step into the 21st Century…”

Salt Lake Tribune

We want everything in our church to be open to all people,” Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish said in a phone interview from Anaheim, Calif., where she was attending the church’s once-every-three-years legislative assembly. “Our diocese has always been progressive on social issues, mainly because the state is so conservative.”

Birminham News: Bp. Parsley defends Episcopal Church statement in support of ordaining homosexuals

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