More info on Pittsburgh ruling


Lionel Deimel has done a careful reading of Friday’s court ruling in favor of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh. He’s posted the major points of the ruling. In short the endowments, trusts and properties owned directly by the diocese are to be overseen by the Episcopal diocese and not the group being led by Bishop Robert Duncan.

Added to this is an order that all other property which could reasonably considered to be the responsibility of the Episcopal diocese such as altar furnishings and loans owed the Episcopal diocese. Additionally the decision allows for the possibility that there will be more property to be assigned to the Episcopal diocese.

There is a 20 day period for groups to file appeals to overturn this decision and it is expected that appeals are being prepared over the weekend.

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Peter Pearson
Peter Pearson

It will be interesting to see what happens when this is finally resolved. I wonder if the cost of "being right" will be too high for some of these folks. In any event, since they demand so much from others, there is no reason that they should avoid it themselves. Sacrifice is, after all, the real measure of our convictions.

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