Minns, Duncan at HOB in Nigeria


Archbishop Peter Akinola reports that Martyn Minns and Robert Duncan are among the bishops at the Church of Nigeria House of Bishops meeting.

Minns and Duncan have the opportunity to speak out against the support Akinola and his church have given to a bill persecuting gays. Unless they do so, they are directly implicated.


We are glad to welcome back home our CANA bishop, Martyn Minns. With us at this meeting is Bishop Bob Duncan of Pittsburgh. Bob leads the Common Cause Partnership that will soon metamorphose against all odds into a new Anglican Province in North America.

Side bar: There is also this new item at the Church of Nigeria site:

Standing Committee Delegates, Bishops and Archbishops, pay Courtesy Call on Governor Oyinlola

The Osun State Governor Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola has been described as a servant messiah who by great design of God has uplifted the state by directly impacting on the lives of the mass of the people. The Dean of Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion the Most Rev. Maxwell Anikwenwa made this remark when he led array of Bishops and Archbishops to pay a courtesy visit on the Governor of Osun State Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola. Archbishop Anikwenwa who represented the Primate of All Nigeria Anglican Communion Most Rev. Peter Akinola said Osun State is fortunate and blessed that within 18 months she received Spiritual presence and blessings of the oracles of God two times.

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3 Responses to "Minns, Duncan at HOB in Nigeria"
  1. Oh, I'm afraid Minns-Duncan have been hauled over to appear "Western World" supportive of the pending great African Biblical Holocaust being rationalized at the House of Bishops, Nigerian Branch against Homosexuals and others...who knows, the whole Nigerian anti-lgbt Pogrom is so ill thought out it appears Minns authored it while +Duncan was at the robemaker trying on specially embrodered glittery outfits for his North American enthronement...planning the design of a NEW triple tiered crown will be a joint venture with Akinola being fitted for a Murphy's Law type coronation.

    These folks are all dressed up with no place to go, not really, not after the fear/hate against LGBT Nigerians/others fades away.

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  2. If you open Akinola's statement you'll read of his complaints of violence in Northern Nigeria. He dismisses claims that it is not religious violence and he blames it on Muslim persecution of Christians.

    He fails to answer persisting questions that surround his own role in the violence.

    And, not to beat a dead horse, but this document does not read like others that can be directly attributed to him.

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  3. We have been remiss in not reporting that there are other voices in the Church of Nigeria. And they are easily silenced.


    After Jefferts Schori ended her remarks, Florence Akinoye of Lagos, Nigeria, stood up to say that "in my tradition when a very distinguished personality like you has finished talking, it's very uncommon for any other 'lesser mortal' to say anything, but I am going to say something." The Presiding Bishop's response was to take a seat on the floor and invite Akinoye to proceed. Saying that she sees Jefferts Schori "not just as a woman, but as the head of a nation's church," Akinoye noted that in Nigeria "women are yet to be given the grace to be ordained." "I seek your prayers that some day we will have a Nigerian woman who will be like you," she told Jefferts Schori.

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