Minnesota to become 12th state with marriage equality


The Minnesota Senate passed a marriage equality bill Monday and the governor is expected to sign it today according to the New York Times:

Gay couples will be permitted to wed in Minnesota starting in August, making it the 12th state to permit same-sex marriage and the first in the Midwest to take such a step outside of a court ruling.

The State Senate, controlled by Democrats, voted 37 to 30 on Monday to allow same-sex marriages, after approval by the State House last week. Gov. Mark Dayton, also a Democrat, had urged lawmakers to pass the measure and said he would sign the bill on Tuesday afternoon.

Integrity Fort Worth has this graphic from the Pew Trust Stateline showing the status of the states re: marriage equality.


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Paul Woodrum
Paul Woodrum

Maybe Minnesota got there without a court ruling, but Iowa remains the first state in the Midwest to have marriage equity. And now there are two in America's great middle.

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