Meredith Gould talks about everything


Meredith Gould, abbess of The Virtual Abbey, sits down with God Complex Radio, and the topics are broad:

Interesting points in the conversation:

(4:35) Issues with people who say Christianity is the LOVE faith. Christianity is not permissiveness…

(6:00) How do you deal with the verses in John that discuss “the Jews”

(12:00) Where do these two traditions, Judaism and Christianity, clash or connect during the liturgical year?

(15:00) Do you celebrate Jewish traditions at the same time as Christian ones?

(16:40) What would you say to someone who wanted to know how Jewish a Christian should be?

(21:49) Christians are crazy people. Why did I make the jump to Catholicism? Because of Mystery…

(25:42) Where does joy come from?

(27:11) What would you do for a Klondike bar?

(34:58) Obligatory Rob Bell + Hell comment

(35:30) CHURCH CHAT TIME with Carol and Landon – WHAT WHAT?

Hear the interview here.

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If you listen to this interview, you'll hear (I hope) that I had a total blast with these Presbyterian ministers. I appreciated their good humored willingness to discuss difficult topics with heart and sass. For me, it was possibly the best part of this year's Lenten season.

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