Lost leaders?


Simon Tisdall, foreign affairs writer for the Guardian has an end-of-the-year list of international leaders that “messed up the most last year.” On his list are figures such as Ayatollah Ali Kamenei, Hugo Chavez and…Rowan Williams?

See it here. What do you think about the ABC being put on this list?

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5 Responses to "Lost leaders?"
  1. I'd say it's the wrong list for the wrong reasons.

    Rowan Williams is not the same kind of leader as the others. He certainly has had his gaffes, and probably deserves recognition for them. But, ecclesiastical leadership is not quite the same as political.

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  2. I'd say ABC is on the right list, but not for the reason Tisdall gives. He seems to think that "being in communion" means "all thinking alike", just like the Romans do. "Bonds of affection" doesn't mean much unless there is love and acceptance despite differences. Ask any married couple.

    So I think he belongs on the list because he is defining his ecclesiastical role in political terms by trying to substitute legal bonds for the bonds of love, mutual acceptance, and recognition of broad common purposes and allegiances.

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  3. They got Rowan's age wrong. He's 59, not 49.

    (Last name is French, but my registration only appears as Malcolm+. Don't know how to fix that.)

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  4. Fr French: use this as a final line on your post:

    - Malcolm French+

    ... then it doesn't matter what the sign-in says.

    For the first time ever, I think, I disagree completely with Tobias.

    Wrong list: he's not an international leader in the same way these officeholders are (much like Matthew+ suggests).

    Right reason: But if the ABC is to be on this list, it's for this reason: it occurred this year (everything else has been going on for a while now), and it's more like "international" politics than anything else he's screwed up.

    I'd like to see (without the silly flash gewgaw) a comparable world religious leaders rogues' gallery.

    ABC (for David's reasons). The Porpoise-driven Pastor. Who else?


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