Look and See, New Life is Here


Spring seems especially brilliant this year,

as does Easter’s promise of resurrection.

Perhaps, though, I’m attuned to it differently.

More alert.

More awake.

More present.

Or maybe the darkness,



and grief has been much too prevalent.


In the bright purples,

the wild flowers dotting the grass,

a chorus of birds,

a flowing stream,

the woodpecker’s morning greeting,

the wind in my hair,

the sun shining on faces;

in all these things

I hear the quiet, gentle, voice of resurrection.

“Look and see, new life is here.”


The world is being reawakened,

as is my soul

from the darkness of winter,

the weeks of sickness,

the worry for friends and family,

the fear of death.

I am ready,

to be astonished and surprised,

By the beauty of a growing plant.

To have my senses awakened,

to turn towards hope in all matters.


My daughter cheers, “Summer’s coming!”

I join her in that song of hopefulness and joy.

But for now, for today,

it’s spring.

The season of resurrection and new life.

A time for the thawing of my heart,

the planting of small seeds,

for waiting to see the first green sprouts.

I hear the quiet, gentle, voice of resurrection.

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