London: “The world feels less safe today”


The Right Reverend Nick Baines, Bishop of Leeds in the Church of England, was in Parliament to lead prayer yesterday when the terror attack took place. He published his reflection for BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day on his blog, Musings of a Restless Bishop. Here is an excerpt:

I entered the chamber of the House of Lords yesterday afternoon, ready to lead prayers. A colleague came in and said there had been an incident outside involving gunshots. Very quickly the whole of the Palace of Westminster was locked down. Over the next five hours we were moved from place to place, ending up for several hours in Westminster Abbey.

The normality of the day had been ripped apart in acts of wanton violence that beggar imagination. The ordinariness of life – tourists posing for photos with policemen at the gates of Parliament, people walking to and from work – collapsed in tragedy and misery. Words cannot comprehend the depths of shock as news filtered through of what had happened. Someone said to me: “the world feels less safe today.”

The world of words is not short of explanations or interrogations. Even before we know the facts, judgments are made. This is inevitable in a world of instant communication. But, words are also needed as we attempt to grasp what has happened.

I turn to the Psalms. This Hebrew poetry collection is not for the squeamish or those who like to keep their religion tidy. One minute these poets are laughing at the absurdities of human beings, the next they are raging at God because of the injustices and cruelties of this world. And they were certainly no strangers to violence or horror. They knew what it was to be hunted; but they also knew the power of mercy and love and hope.

The entire piece can be read here.

We’ll continue to post responses to yesterday’s attacks as

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Ann Fontaine

Someone said to me: “the world feels less safe today.” -- just a normal day for many around the world - Syria comes to mind right now.

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