Live: fizzle


For the past two days, conservative activist the Rev. Chris Sugden, who for some reason has a press credential, even though he was among the organizers of GAFCON, has organized an afternoon press conference to conflict with the Episcopal Church’s regularly-scheduled afternoon press conference. Yesterday he featured Bishop Peter Beckwith of Springfield and today his guest was Bishop Keith Ackerman of Quincy. So the media has heard–at length–from two men who, between them, don’t represent a majority of the Episcopalians in the state of Illinois.

I have to admit that I am surprised that Sugden hasn’t yet rolled out less marginal spokesmen.

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  1. That would be the same diocese of Quincy whose total membership - let's play the ConEvo "Numbers" game, shall we, just for the hell of it? - is about one eighth the size of your average Dallas megachurch?

    Actually, I'd love to see Sugden and Ackerman buddying up together. Talk about the Odd Couple! Was the cappa magna worn, perhaps, for the press conference?

    OK. I know. Behave!

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