Kenyan bishops: No Gays Allowed


A Kenyan bishop has told the Nairobi Star that gays cannot come to their churches. According to Walking with Integrity:

The Anglican Church of Kenya now wants to stop gays attending church.

Gays and lesbians will not join the Anglican congregations anymore…unless they renounce their sexuality.

Eldoret Dioceses Anglican Bishop Thomas Kogo yesterday said the church had decided to forbid homosexuals from going to their churches if they could not repent and stick to biblical teachings.

He said: “We have no choice about this. Those who want to practice lesbianism or be gays must stand aside and let those of us who respect the biblical teachings continue with our work.”

He was speaking after he arrived from a crucial worldwide Anglican conference held in Jerusalem, Israel, that discussed homosexuality. Kogo said the church had extensively discussed the matter at the just-ended conference where it was agreed that all followers of the church must stick to the Bible. The bishop yesterday attended a prayer service at the St. Mathews ACK Pro-Cathedral in Eldoret where he read a communiqué from the Jerusalem conference attended by more than 1,200 bishops and other clergy.

Will Kenya”s US bishops, Bill Atwood and Bill Murdoch support this policy? Murdoch has a gay brother who is also a priest.

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2 Responses to "Kenyan bishops: No Gays Allowed"
  1. In a vacuum, I'd find this report difficult to believe. Refusing to let any class of people, however sinful you think them, into services? That's nonsense from a church that seeks to be catholic. I wouldn't believe any Anglican church would take such a stance, and I'd still be glad to hear this report proven false.

    In the wake of that GAFCON presser, however, it's sadly plausible. If Kenya's bishops are in step with those of Nigeria and Uganda, then they evidently see no problem with anti-gay violence. If anything, this policy is less horrifying. Being barred from church is still a step up from being killed.

    God help us all.

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  2. I have to agree with Chris; taken as one part of the whole, this is not the least shocking because their "gospel" is gospel of hate and exclusion. Perhaps someone should send the Archbishop a copy of the four gospels. No, that would never do, because the four gospels are just liberal revisionist propaganda.

    James Holloway

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