Jesus does not meet job description for House chaplain


A leading House Republican says that the next House chaplain should be a family man who understands the pastoral needs of families. Most House members, he says, have families. It is unclear why the next House chaplain could not be a family woman since that rules out Catholic clergy anyway. The House chaplain was recently forced to resign by the Speaker of House. Speaker Paul Ryan, who is Catholic, is said to have shopped for a parish that fit his social justice views. The House chaplain was given no reason for his firing, but it is thought to be for his prayers to the House chamber on the effect of tax cuts on the poor.

Many sources have reports of the firing of Father Patrick Conroy. The Hill has the story that Rep. Mark Walker (R. – N.C.) of believes the next chaplain should be a family man.

What do readers think? Can clergy who are single give effective pastoral care to families?

It’s all legal of course.  The firing, that is, but can the House discriminate on the basis of marital status — or is it immune?

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