I Will Be There




It is not the promise that I could live forever that won my heart to God, for to be honest there are times I am not sure I would want that gift even though it is offered. It is not the promise I will be forgiven, for as gracious as that may be, in my heart I doubt there are some things it could cover. No, what took my breath away was something a little less grand, but a promise I have found I have treasured most. When you need me, God said, I will be there. No matter what. No matter when. I will be there. A promise both given and kept: to a soul like mine, it is enough.

Image above: “Lorraine’s Backyard” by Julie Christian Bender.

Words above by Steven Charleston, author of Hope As Old As Fire.

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  1. A quite beautiful reflection - especially in times when one's heart is weary. Our God, in Christ, is an infinitely loving, caring God, who will never forsake us.

    Ron Smith (added by ed.)

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