House hears trio of papers


The bishops gathered at Camp Allen in Navasota, Texas have heard three papers, one from the Rev. Ian T. Douglass of the Episcopal Divinity School on the Millennium Develoments goals and one from each of the Episcopal Church’s two members on the panel working on the Anglican Covenant.

Douglass’ presentation is here. The other presentation are by the Rev. Ephraim Radner, a board member of the Institute for Religion and Democracy, and the Rev. Katherine Grieb of Virginia Theological Seminary.

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  1. Jim - Didn't see this post until now. Sorry for the entry on another thread.

    For my money (2 cents), Grieb's statement says it all and if the HBs had any illusions about what's going on they shouldn't after hearing this. An absolute must read.

    She says we are being steamrolled. The Covenant is in effect already. We can tell how it will be interpreted by the Communique. A crisis is being created by the Primates who are angry and want control over TEC.

    She calls for a Special Convention in order to have a 5 year fast from the AC, so that we can determine ourselves in our time what to do.

    She says - "But we might remember that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters have long lived in exile and it will be a great privilege to go into exile in their company."

    It is clear, savy, eloquent and quite moving. Here's hoping the Bishops and the PB will have the courage to slip the Primates' noose.

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