Hate begets hate


The New York Times editorial calls for sanctions of Uganda if the anti-homosexuality law passes in its current form:

Uganda’s government, which has a shameful record of discrimination against gay men and lesbians, is now considering legislation that would impose the death sentence for homosexual behavior. The United States and others need to make clear to the Ugandan government that such barbarism is intolerable and will make it an international pariah.

The government’s venom is chilling: “Homosexuals can forget about human rights,” James Nsaba Buturo, who holds the cynically titled position of minister of ethics and integrity, said recently.

What makes this even worse is that three American evangelical Christians, whose teachings about “curing” gays and lesbians have been widely discredited in the United States, helped feed this hatred….

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6 Responses to "Hate begets hate"
  1. Yes, we´ve known all of this for a very long time...personally, I´ve blogged about Uganda endlessly for over a year...the groundwork for ¨Hate begets hate¨ has been OPENLY presented to the people of Uganda and even the once co-conspirator, Rick Warren, has demured from Pastor Martin Ssempas open spewing and panic-driven thuggery...it´s easy to see how the pogrom started and how it´s now at near anti-Gay hate-hysteria ¨pitch¨ in Uganda...clearly, Bishop Orombi (oddly silent and waiting for his next best shot after recently having his Church announce they are anti LGBT murder...only recently and only part of his clergy) who absents himself from attending the Primates Standing Committee meetings (of which he represents Africa). Then there is the other face of Orombi who absents himself from taking ¨Communion¨ with certain ¨other¨ Primates because of selective Scriptural beliefs. Who will now REPENT in Uganda and STOP THE HATE? THE HATE that the Ugandan HOB´s HELPED CREATE IN UGANDA and BEYOND during their TEC America takeover attempts that have been thrown out of Supreme Court(s)?

    Irresponsible clergy destroy and certainly not the aledged ¨Gay agenda to make Heterosexuals extinct¨ nonsense that is preached at The Anglican Communion!

    ABC: Sign what Covenant? Written by ++whom, retired, from LGBT bloodrenched Jamaica? Presented to us by what despotic ¨Central¨ Standing Committee?

    No thanks, it´s hard enough to clean up after the Gafcon/Global South crowd even NOW and pay the court costs for their grandiose stupidities. It is murderous Christians who are attempting to destroy the Anglican Communion and they must face their own actions and take full responsibility for them.

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  2. I concur with Leonardo that there is a lack of moral leadership in the communion. And it is _this_ deficit which could account for laws like this even being considered. The discipline needn't be the cut off of foreign aid, but the leadership of the church inside and outside the country. But instead the figureheads of the communion are largely silent, and the leadership of the Anglican church in the country, when it is not silent, advocates for the bill.

    A blog post at WaPo echoes the NYT,


    "f the law passes, Uganda should be punished by the international community. I would love for the U.S. to strip the country of foreign aid. Nothing focuses the mind like cash deprivation. But as my editor wisely points out, the power elite wouldn't suffer. More than 30 percent of the population lives in abject poverty."

    A recent study on the effects of sanctions on the poor is here:


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  3. We'd need to be quite careful about cutting aid to Uganda and ascertain first just who will be hurt as a result. Perhaps more oversight could be introduced to assure that the aid gets to those who are most in need and not syphoned off by corrupt government officials.

    June Butler

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  4. I had the wonderful fortune recently of meeting and talking with an amazing woman from Cuba. She lived the revolution, and shared her experience. One thing that she wanted to make very clear is that the embargo actually serves to help keep Castro in power; it gives him a boogeyman. She would suggest that the US respond to Cuba with something that might be described as uneqvuivocal love.

    I bring this up because I see connections to the situation in Uganda. If the west imposes sanctions, it could give the homophobes in Uganda "further evidence" that the west is trying to "force" homosexuality on Africa, and are even sacrificing Africa's poor people to do it.

    These are very difficult situations. How might we love our way out of it? I don't know, but my experience exploring the divine w/ TEC over the last year has taught me that the loving solution needs to be sought.

    -Grant Charles Chaput

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  5. I live in Latin America.

    I live in Central America.

    I live in a Indigneous (mostly) Pueblo.

    I have been a board member of very well intended, and still are well intended NGO´s.

    It is sooo important to NOT feed the BIGOTS. Most of the money wasn´t getting to where it needed to go anyway...trust me. Complete transparency is required (and often in person visits/audits).

    Taking a BOLD stand by doing the right thing and NOT ¨paying off¨ these hate/fear-mongers at Church is TRUSTING GOD in my opinion.

    It is corrupt to the core and we are accomplices to keep feeding the HATE MACHINE...I´m afraid, in the face of desperation (which is outside my door) it is extremely important to FOCUS on where any HELP is actually going...it´s humane nature when desperation is so evident to DO THE WRONG THING!

    We require handson leadership in these matters and not just ¨leaders¨ who ¨think¨ prudently...it´s time to get down in the trenches folks...filling the pockets of murderers is irresponsible as well as plain stupid (no matter how ¨appropriate¨ the cause seems to be)...get down in the trenches and STOP WRITING CHECKS and throwing good money after bad.

    Really! I know!

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  6. P.S. Can you imagine the amount of money that the Archbishop of Canterbury (and those that financially support his Primate Meeting antics) has wasted with this immoral, hate-driven anti-homosexual mess?

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