God is in control


Sometimes you need the reminder that God’s in control.

That this crazy, fear-inducing, 24-hour-news-cycle world we live in isn’t our only reality.

That guns and violence and hatred aren’t the only ways our children will experience school.

That people will be known for who they are and not their skin color or sexual orientation.

That there is hope.

That goodness does prevail over evil.

That justice can be experienced for the least of these.

That random acts of kindness can be the norm.

That generosity can be shown between strangers.

That love rules.


Sometimes we need the reminder that God’s in control.

Sometimes we need to hear God’s voice singing for us.

Sometimes we need to hear God remind us that the whole world is in God’s hands.


And sometimes that song comes in the voices of children.


On Sunday morning in the small town of Cole Camp, Missouri, the children’s bell choir sang their hearts out. They also rang their bells with gusto and joy. Some squirmed and smiled. Some stood shyly. Sone sang loud. Some sang quietly. Some watched their director intently. Some kept smiling at the congregation.


Together, they joined to sing, “God’s got the whole world in his hands.”


This whole world.

The tiny, little baby.

The brothers and the sisters.

The mamas and the daddys.

The friends and the strangers.

The immigrants and the refugees.

The lost and forsaken.

The sad and angry.

The doubting and afraid.


“God’s got the whole world in his hands.”


I could see the congregation singing along with them. Smiling, too. Needing the reminder. Needing the children’s hope and joy. Their sense of innocence. Their future.


Our hope together to make this world a safer and more peaceful place for them.


The kids sang and rang their bells reminding us that we’re not alone. The kids helped us to set the time a part and see the holiness in our midst. The sacred act of song. The gift of being in community. The presence of God.


Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed or uncertain of the future, I’ll remember their song. God’s song sung in their voices. The song of a God who keeps singing and ringing in hope for this world.



Kimberly Knowle-Zeller is an ordained ELCA pastor, mother of two, and spouse of an ELCA pastor. She lives with her family in Cole Camp, MO. You can read more at her website: http://kimberlyknowlezeller.com or follow her work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KimberlyKnowleZeller/





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