General Convention by the numbers


General Convention is a big sprawling undertaking, incorporating not just the deputies and bishops, but hundreds of volunteers, staff, visitors, and vendors.  Here’s some data* to help you imagine it for yourself from the Office of Public Affairs

848 members of the House of Deputies 848

241 Alternate Deputies

Its a long way to the dais in the House of Deputies – photo by Sharon Tillman/ENS

154 Bishops registered for the House of Bishops (includes retired bishops)

About half of the active bishops are members of Bishops United Against Gun violence – photo from Diocese of Newark


1040 Visitors registered 1040

Thats a lot Episcopalians! – photo by Rosalind Hughes

948 Volunteers**

32 International Guests (12 of them Primates of other churches)

21 Ecumenical Guests

100 Episcopal Church Center staff

Just one GC pigeon though
photo by Chad Slater – WV

256 booths representing 179 organizations in the Exhibit Hall

(up about 25% from GC78)

Who knows what you might discover in the exhibit hall

 The General Convention Office reports 2,100 hotel rooms booked as of 7.3.18


One Lord

Jesus is definitely present at GC – photo by Scott Gunn


*Please note: these numbers are as reported 7.918. Registration is open through 7. 13.18 so number of attendees may change, predominately in the visitor and volunteer categories.


**A Note about Volunteers

There are different types of volunteers:

Many of the Deputies are volunteers, as are the ECW Delegates. 

There are a number of volunteers for whom we pay travel expenses to assist in the support of GC but volunteer their time. 

We also have daily “logistical” volunteers (most of which are local) each day for morning and afternoon shifts (i.e. in registration, worship, support in the HOD and HOB, etc..). 



image of Austin mural by David Paulsen/ENS

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Father Ron Smith

Dear TEC, Do your very best at this Convention, to honour the Name of Jesus by continuing your exciting and so necessary outreach of the Gospel to ALL people - irrespective of race, colour, status gender or sexual-orietntation. The rest of the Anglican Communion is looking to you for leadership.
Blessings upon your deliberations.
Father Ron Smith, ACANZP.

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Kenneth Knapp
Kenneth Knapp

I think, perhaps, it is too big. If a parish that was in extremis was to put on an elaborate Vestry retreat, we would certainly question their judgment. This is all simply too much.

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John Chilton

There's been at least two pigeons photed together although only one has a twitter handle. Hey, I'm not even sure that's @gcpigeon79. Looks more like his (?) pal Sarah.

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