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The Friends of Jake are featuring a couple of interesting charts about levels of education among members of various religious groups, and how education correlates to acceptance of gays and lesbians.

Less that a quarter of Episcopalians have no college education, and roughly quarter have post-graduate degrees. Perhaps the most surprising finding is that while about two-thirds of Episcopalians have a “positive” (in the survey’s language) view of gay people, Catholics are not far behind. This is another issue on which American Catholics hold significantly different views than do the men who run their Church.

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  1. Hi, Jim:

    A correction: the charts we show do NOT correlate education with acceptance of GLBT .

    They correlate education with religious identification, and then compare religious identificaiton with acceptance of GLBT folks. The Pew study from which these data come did not compare education levels with acceptance.

    As noted in the FoJ post, although other studies suggest that being GLBT friendly does trend with increased education, it can be trumped by religious identity, so the correlation is not perfect.

    IT (Friend of Jake blogger)

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