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From All Points

From All Points is a monthly podcast produced by the Episcopal Cafe.  Hosts Jon White, Jennifer Brandlon, Charles Wilson, & Amy Haynie gather monthly for a conversation related to the theme of our features section, the Magazine.  The episodes are posted on the first Sunday of each month.  You can also subscribe on Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher to make sure you never miss an episode.  Check out previous episodes below:

Episode 8 The Prayer Book

We take a look at the Prayer Book and see if there is room for improvement and ask what is the purpose of this thing anyway?


Episode 7 An American Church

Fifty years ago the Episcopal Church was called the Republican Party at Prayer, but now it is known for being a liberal, progressive church. What is the relation of the Church, Government, and the American Experience? Where is the church called to be in these tense political times – a place of activism or a refuge from political rhetoric? Have we been hobbled by our declining influence or set free from our shackles to the establishment?


Episode 6 Living among the breakage

In this episode we talk with Dr Duane Miller about his new book examining the phenomenon of Muslim converts to Christianity


Episode 5 Holy Places

Jon and Charles talk about what makes a place holy and wonder about how we imagine holiness in places and things and what happens at their end of life


Episode 4 Towards a theology of political life

In this episode we wonder whether there is evidence for the emergence of a new theology of civic engagement. We also look at the politically explosive message of the Magnificat and the ways that message is suppressed and made inert.


Episode 3 Election special

We examine the 2016 election results and what lessons there might be for the Episcopal church in its aftermath


Episode 2 The Church and crisis

Jon, Jennifer, Amy and Charles look at how the church responds to crisis, communal and personal


Episode 1 Faith in the public square

In this debut episode, the Episcopal Cafe features team explore how individuals and the church live out faith in everyday life


Hey, what’s that music in your show?

Roots by Tobu is our regular theme music, beginning and end.  It’s really an awesome tune – check them out

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