Episcopalians among those addicted to panda-cam



The Washington Post reports Panda-cam addicts can’t stop watching Mei Xiang tend to her newborn cub at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Two fans of The Episcopal Cafe feature prominently:

Mary Wright Baylor, 60, a pastoral care nurse from Fairfax County, said she’s been occasionally distracted from the real world — as in, her daughter’s wedding this weekend — because she’s been so immersed in the panda cam. She watched it for 20 minutes straight one morning this week.

“My daughter the bride just told me that my fascination/obsession with the panda is ‘not normal’ Guess I need to pay her attn,” Baylor tweeted Friday to Anne Lane Witt, a friend who is an Episcopal priest in Mechanicsburg, Va., and fellow panda-cam aficionado.

“Or maybe she will get it one day,” Witt wrote back. “[The pandas] are awesome, after all.”

“Srsly. Not sure I’ll get #pandacam reception at Shrine Mont,” Baylor replied, referring to the [Diocese of] Virginia church camp where her daughter will get hitched. “I’ll have serious withdrawal, tho. You woman the cam 4 me, okay?”

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  1. LOL. Here's something to feed the addiction. But first I have to ask what location is Mei Xiang? I have linked to San Diego Pandacam, China Pandacam, the new twin Pandas at Atlanta Pandaca, and 2 cams at the National Zoo. Is Mei at one of those locations?

    Janet Nygaard

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