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One of the least known, yet most exciting national programs in the Episcopal Church are the EYE gatherings. These every three year events bring young Episcopalians from around the country to meet, pray, study and have a great deal of fun. This year’s gathering is coming up next week, and it’s likely that folks are hitting the road this weekend so that they’ll be in San Antonio in time.

The Episcopal News Service has details:

High-school aged young people — nearly 850 strong — from across the Episcopal Church are headed to San Antonio, Texas for the 2008 Episcopal Youth Event (EYE), which will take place July 8-13 on the campus of Trinity University. The youth delegates will be accompanied by 318 adult chaperones and resource persons.

“This event is going to have something to satisfy everyone,” said Zibby Allen, from All Saint’s Episcopal Church, Northfield, Minnesota, who is a youth member of the EYE design team.

“The young people attending EYE can expect to have a good time while connecting and growing with fellow Episcopalians. They can also expect the opportunity to grow spiritually and intellectually,” she said.

The theme of the EYE 2008 is “Sown in the Heart of Christ,” which the design team discerned from the appointed Gospel lesson for Sunday, June 13, 2008, is inspired by a parable told by Jesus as recounted in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 13.

The full story is here.

We’ll keep all these young people and their chaperones and resource people in our prayers. God grant them safe travel and may they encounter Christ in new and exciting ways!

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May God bless them and draw them close. Prayers for safe travel for all.

June Butler

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