Episcopal Relief & Development offers resources for Lent 2017


MAR 5 is Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday. If MAR 5 doesn’t fit your plans for this coming Lent, you are encouraged to designate another time in Lent 2017 to remember ERD.

To help your congregation prepare for this special Sunday and for the Lenten journey, we encourage you to order the 2017 Lenten Meditations guide. Available in English and Spanish, this year’s devotional focuses on creating economic opportunities and strengthening communities, with a particular focus on empowering women. The daily readings are co-authored by a group of leaders from across the Anglican Communion, who bring a range of perspectives as they reflect on Scripture and other sources of spiritual wisdom.

You can find resources to assist in planning an Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday here.

The Lenten Meditation Guide is avalable for free in both English and Spanish bundled in packets of 25 from the Episcopal Media Center. The Guide can also downloaded in a pdf version in Spanish & English.

Hope-Chest_verticalTo assist with ERD Sunday in local parishes and other organizations:

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