UPDATED: Episcopal Church bishops respond to Primates



A recap of responses to the Primates’ Communiqué by bishops of The Episcopal Church, arranged by Province. Provinces in TEC are not autonomous as in other parts of the communion but all a part of one province whose Primate is The Most Rev. Michael Curry. Thanks to Episcopal News Service for many links. Add your bishop’s statement in the comment section and we will add it to the main list. Thanks to Andrew Goddard at Fulcrum for the design.


Province I
Connecticut Bishops of Connecticut
Maine Bishop of Maine
Massachusetts Bishops of Massachusetts
New Hampshire Bishop of New Hampshire
Rhode Island Bishop of Rhode Island
Vermont Bishop of Vermont
Western Massachusetts Bishop of Western Massachusetts
Province II
Albany  Bishop of Albany
Central New York  Bishop of Central New York
Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe  Suffragan Bishop of the Convocation
Long Island Bishop of Long Island
New Jersey Bishop of New Jersey
New York Bishop of New York
Newark Bishop of Newark
Rochester Bishop of Rochester
Virgin Islands
Western New York Bishop of Western New York
Province III
Bethlehem and NW Pennsylvania
Central Pennsylvania Bishop of Central Pennsylvania
Maryland Bishop of Maryland
Pennsylvania Bishop of Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Bishop of Pittsburgh
Southern Virginia Bishop of Southern Virginia
Southwestern Virginia
Virginia Bishop of Virginia
Washington (DC)  Bishop of Washington
West Virginia  Bishop of West Virginia
Province IV
Alabama  Bishop of Alabama
Atlanta  Bishop of Atlanta
Central Florida Bishop of Central Florida
Central Gulf Coast Bishop of Central Gulf Coast
East Carolina
East Tennessee Bishop of East Tennessee
Georgia Bishop of Georgia
North Carolina Bishops of North Carolina
Episcopal Church in South Carolina Bishop in South Carolina
Southeast Florida
Southwest Florida
Tennessee Bishop of Tennessee
Upper South Carolina Bishop of Upper South Carolina
West Tennessee Bishop of West Tennessee
Western North Carolina Bishop of Western North Carolina
Province V
Chicago Bishop of Chicago
Eau Claire
Eastern Michigan Bishop of Eastern Michigan
Fond du Lac Bishop of Fond du Lac
Indianapolis  Bishop of Indianapolis
Michigan Bishop of Michigan
Missouri Bishop of Missouri 
Northern Indiana  Bishop of Northern Indiana
Northern Michigan
Ohio Bishop of Ohio
Southern Ohio Bishop of Southern Ohio
Springfield Bishop of Springfield
Western Michigan


Bishop of Western Michigan
Province VI
Colorado Bishop of Colorado
Iowa Bishop of Iowa
Minnesota  Bishop of Minnesota
Montana  Bishop of Montana
North Dakota
South Dakota
Province VII
Dallas Bishop of Dallas
Fort Worth Bishop of Fort Worth
Kansas Bishop of Kansas
Northwest Texas Bishop of Northwest Texas
Oklahoma Bishop of Oklahoma
Rio Grande Bishop of the Rio Grande
Texas Bishops of Texas
West Missouri
West Texas Bishops of West Texas
Western Kansas
Western Louisiana


Bishop of Western Louisiana
Province VIII
Alaska Bishop of Alaska
Arizona Bishop of Arizona
California Bishop of California
Eastern Oregon
El Camino Real  Bishop of El Camino Real
Hawaii  Bishop of Hawai’i
Los Angeles Bishop of Los Angeles 
Navajoland Area Mission
Nevada Bishop of Nevada
Northern California
Olympia Bishop of Olympia
Oregon Bishop of Oregon
San Diego Bishop of San Diego
San Joaquin
Spokane Bishop of Spokane
Utah  Bishop of Utah
Province XI
Dominican Republic
Central Ecuador
Litoral Ecuador
Puerto Rico


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35 Responses to "UPDATED: Episcopal Church bishops respond to Primates"
  1. From Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves, El Camino Real, http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=99ebbaf4cee8d012c9edafe60&id=85a9e9ada2

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  2. Southern Virginia:


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  3. From Bishop Kirk Smith, Diocese of Arizona: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Bishop-Smith-s-Statement-on-the-Decision-of-the-Anglican-Communion-Primates.html?soid=1101378732819&aid=ETBgfKS0Yw4

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  4. Regarding the entry for Massachusetts: That should be Bishops (plural) of Massachusetts. The statement was issued by Alan M. Gates, Bishop Diocesan, AND Gayle E. Harris, Bishop Suffragan.

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  5. Please follow the stated comment policy of posting comments using your first & last names. - ed



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  6. Please note that the link for our diocese, Central PA, is incorrect.
    My message can be found at:

    and my blog is at
    The Rt. Rev. Audrey Scanlan

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  7. Mike Angell, rector of the Church of the Holy Communion in St. Louis, has an absolutely outstanding commentary on the Anglican Communion and the Primates "gathering". It is far and away the most intuitive and concise response.

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  8. The bishops from the IX province have not said a single word, I know that many of them voted against the proposal about same-sex marriages during the last GC. Most of them are closer to Nigeria and Uganda than TEC, but won´t say anything because they are afraid of losing the financial support from 815

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    • Where is your data for this comment? They would not lose financial support - it has not be TEC practice to do this. We still are major funders of the Anglican Communion even though they have tried to vote us off the island.

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    • Not on the Primates' communiqué but a general statement from the Bishop of Puerto Rico http://www.episcopalpr.org/mensaje-del-obispo.html
      Somos una Iglesia inclusiva que respeta y honra la diversidad a todos los niveles habidos y por haber: género, descendencia étnica y nacional, orientación sexual, niveles de estatus económico y social, diferencias teológicas y litúrgicas. Fomentamos el libre pensamiento, pues consideramos Dios nos ha dado un intelecto creativo para razonar y formar nuestros propios juicios.

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    • This will be an interesting season for those in IX, as I have said elsewhere.

      They are opposed to the innovations that the Primates also opposed and for which TEC has received consequences.

      One wonders where this now leaves them?

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      • While Province IX is the only province where a majority of bishops voted against AO36, they did not vote as a bloc. Central Ecuador and Peurto Rico voted in favor of equal marriage.

        The Primates Communique seems to have taken no official notice of the loyal opposition within TEC.

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      • "The Primates Communique seems to have taken no official notice of the loyal opposition within TEC."

        Indeed. Of course there's a loyal opposition within every province of the Anglican Communion.

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  9. San Joaquin pastoral letter

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  10. Let's get rid of the "pro tempore" in +Anne of North Carolina's signature line!

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  11. Good analysis from the Vatican as well.


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  12. Bishop Little has written a reflection that can be accessed here:


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  13. "Suspended." False. Archbishop Ntagali's motion failed.

    "Leave." Wrong. We are known as a church that stands up for the marginalized. That's what people think the church is for.

    "Repent and do as told." Not a chance!

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  14. Why is the statement by Bishop Sloan of Alabama preceded by a conflicting statement by the Dean of the Cathedral? It is misleading.

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      • I hope you find a link soon. I remember how that particular church flew a black flag outside when Gene Robinson was consecrated.

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      • Very strong letter from the Cathedral Dean. His parish must be behind him. He has clearly distanced himself from the Bishop!

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  15. Here is Bp Sloan's letter http://stmarysoth.org/files/71/Documents/A%20Statement%20from%20Bishop%20Sloan%20on%20the%20Primates.pdf I will change the link. Thanks for letting us know.

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