Emerging into adolescence?


Author and Anglican Phyllis Tickle opines in a recent Emergent Village weblog and video that whatever shape Emergent Christianity is to take next, it should be somewhat clarified by the next year-and-a-half to two years, as the emergent/emergence/emerging “conversation” matures.

Similarly, members of traditional churches will face more clearly the question of who and what they are.

The re-institutionalizing and re-traditioning bodies within Reformation Christianity should be more clearly and self-awaredly what they are. Emergence units and cohorts and gatherings should be equally aware that they are passing from something that was exciting and shot through with enthusiasm into something that is by way of becoming the body of Christ on earth for the majority of folk looking at Christianity and asking what it is in North America. The hyphenateds will have begun at last, as their numbers swell, to decide where in all of this they fit, if indeed they do.

For those wanting to go further, Emergent Village has added a study guide.

Are you a hyphenated “Anglimergent”?

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