Dionisio A. Lind, Carillonneur, profiled in NY Times



Dinisio Lind, carillonneur at the Riverside Church of New York City, is the subject of a beautifully photographed profile from the weekend NY Times. Lind is an active 84 year old who easily clambers over the catwalks and ladders between his 21st floor office and the still higher cabinet where he plays.

From his keyboard and pedals, Lind rings 74 separate bells, including a nearly 20 ton bell of immense size and volume. He’s played bells for Riverside since 2000, but has over 60 years of experience with the instrument.

Riverside Church is famous for being a hub of social activism, and has hosted famous leaders like Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Desmond Tutu, and Fidel Castro; and famous entertainers, like Bjork, who was recorded performing music at Riverside in 2001.

A newly arrived New Yorker shot what would best be described as ‘b roll’ of the church, impressed by it’s beauty and surroundings. Although you can’t hear the bells, a pleasant soundtrack is provided by bicycle chains, car traffic, bird calls, voices, and even emergency sirens.

Are bells an important part of your worship? Do you miss them if you attend a smaller church?


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  1. Years ago a friend and I took a tour of Riverside's tower. Before going up, we asked if the bells would be rung while we there. The answer was "No." so up we went. While walking on a catwalk near the 20 ton bell, I heard a whirring of gears, saw a huge 'hammer' swing back and then the deafening sound as it struck the 20 ton bell, automatically rung to chime the time. I was about 24 hours before I heard much of anything again. The bells are lovely, but much better heard from a distance than close up.

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  2. Funny, I just heard (on NPR) a profile of the carillon at the Campanile (aka "Sather Tower") @ UC Berkeley. Maybe carillons are having their moment. ;-/

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