Diocese of Kansas announces final slate of candidates for 10th Bishop


The Diocese of Kansas has announced the final slate of candidates for the election of their 10th bishop.

The three nominees for Bishop of Kansas are:

Two candidates, Macgill and Svoda-Barker were announced as candidates on June 21; Chittenden Bascom was added during a petition process following the initial announcement and presented as part of the final slate on August 15.

This marks the first time there has been an all-female slate in an election for diocesan bishop; the Diocese of Maryland put forth an all-female slate for the election of bishop suffragan in 2014.

The selection process continues October 2-5 when the candidates will participate in four days of walkabouts around the Diocese of Kansas. Each day will include a meeting with clergy and a public Q&A session; three of the days will also include time spent with college students and youth from the diocese.   The election will take place October 19 at the beginning of diocesan convention and the service of consecration is scheduled for March 2, 2019.

Founded in 1859, the Diocese of Kansas covers the eastern part of the state and has more than 10,000 members from 44 parishes.

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