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In a time when the church is keenly aware of the need to be relevant to the world today, the order of deacons is here to provide a model for how we might do that. Deacons are all over the Episcopal Church, proclaiming the Gospel, working with youth, building bicycles for folks that don’t have transportation, organizing food ministries and protests. Deacons are advocates, motivators, and innovators. They invite the homeless people on the corner inside. They preach truths that can be inconvenient. At every service, they send the people out into the world to serve the Lord. Diakonia, by Dani Gabriel is a series of interviews with deacons across the church, fulfilling their vocation and serving Christ with their lives.


“Throughout my interviews with deacons I was struck by this prophetic voice. Deacons are practical but also visionary. Deacons are strategizing new ways to serve and voicing the reasons we need to serve. Deacons are, as always, the link between the church and the world, making connections and offering insight. These interviews testify not just to the brilliance of the individual deacons but to the voice and character of the order.”

Dani Gabriel, Author


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