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It would be nice if we could all keep Christmas and Easter in our hearts every day, all year, wouldn’t it? Only that’s not the way it is for me, I know. I think my way of living into the Resurrection is to make art that invokes the feeling of that stone being rolled away in my own soul.

I hope this painting will provide a springboard of thought for you as you are celebrating this Easter season. My work, in the past few years, has dealt with the idea of transcendence, of rising above our earthly day-to-day irritations in order to experience the love and joy that surrounds us every day, if we can just raise our heads and appreciate it. I hope it will strike a chord with you. Happy Easter to all of you.

Image above (and on front-page mastheads): Rise by Jimpsie Ayres.

Words above by Jimpsie Ayres.

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Nancy Weatherwax
Nancy Weatherwax

"Easter Week: Tuesday Morning Geese"

Heading north--

Bowstring-taut from tip of bill to tip of tail,

Pinions pumping, propelled by purpose,

Beating, beating,

Side by side, cleaving air in Easter flight,

Strength exulting in the world made new!

Nancy Weatherwwax

(Context: I drive 40 miles through rural Michigan in the early dawn twice a week this Easter season, and the spring countryside, birds, and animals become part of my Easter experience.)

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