Clementi’s death a “call to action”



Integrity USA, the voice of advocacy for LGBT Christians in the Episcopal Church, has issued a “call to action” to the Episcopal Church following the suicide of Tyler Clementi at Rutgers this week. Clementi is the fourth young person in the month of September to have committed suicide because of bullying and teasing due to their sexuality.

“We challenge our clergy in the Episcopal Church to take to their pulpits this Sunday to speak out against all forms of bullying and the systemic homophobia behind it. We need to be reminded, over and over again, of the promise of our baptismal covenant: to respect the dignity of every human being.

We challenge the people in our church pews and in our communities to speak out whenever our young gay brothers and sisters are attacked. Statistics show that 9 out of 10 gay youth have been bullied and sadly, too often it goes unreported. It is time that we reclaim the rights of our young people to be safe in the context of who they are.

We challenge our politicians and government leaders to pass legislation to end any existing discriminatory laws or policies against the LGBT community.

We challenge each other to always be the face and hands of God in the world to spread love and acceptance.”

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2 Responses to "Clementi’s death a “call to action”"
  1. I posted this as a response on FaceBook this morning: I will no longer play games with this issue. There is nothing inherently sick or evil about being GLBTQ, and the Church should say so at every opportunity. To my own group, the Anglican Communion, I say, "Let it begin with us."

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  2. ¨Let it begin with us¨

    ¨Let it continue with us¨

    No more sitting quietly listening and pondering extremist virtueless bishops and their accomplices as they continue to spew dangerous, demeaning, ill-manipulated ¨holy¨ words of hatred against LGBT

    ChristiansI/´s time Bishop Orombi and gang of accomplices at the Global South start ministering to REAL life people and the vile problems surrounding THEM! Real and immoral issues in their everyday lives that go ignored and ¨accepted as normal¨...enough with the cheap homosexual-hating grandstanding shots at the MARGINALIZED as poisoness behavior plagues their fellow countrypeople..Regalike not-so-gents ought focus on solutions for the on-going civil war, for sex slavery, for rampant rape, for childwitchburning, for vertical corruption and the demonizing/bullying/threatening of fellow human beings...preaching ¨moral superiority¨ directed at the ¨west¨ (or anywhere else) is sick coming from self-righteous/feckless mitred heads talking trash! Absurd to the core as the people of God flock to God because where else would the hurting and desperate flock if not to God? The desperate need peace and justice and not pontificating prelates who damn them to HELL!

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