Church of England House of Laity to call special meeting


Thinking Anglicans is reporting the story from the Mail Online:

Jonathan Petre of the Mail Online is reporting today that sufficient signatures have been obtained to force a meeting of the House of Laity of the General Synod to discuss a vote of no confidence in its chair, Dr Philip Giddings…

The standing orders of the House of Laity state that in these circumstances the chair of the house shall convene the House, and give at least 21 days’ notice. …

From the Mail Online:

Much of the anger has focused on the lay members because the legislation fell by only six votes in their section of the Synod, which is made up of three Houses: bishops, clergy and laity.

A significant number are said to be furious that House of Laity Chair Dr Giddings spoke out against the legislation rather than remaining neutral.

Dr Giddings, 66, a leading conservative evangelical who was also a key opponent of the appointment of the gay cleric Jeffrey John as Bishop of Reading in 2003, said last night he was ‘disappointed’ that fellow Synod members had turned against him.

Gidding’s diocesan lay delegation (the Diocese of Oxford) was split 4-4 at General Synod in November 2012. In November 2011 Oxford supported women bishops in all three houses. Read here and here.

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