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An English blogger known online as the “Church Mouse”, who appears to be very well connected within the Church of England, has posted a good, dispassionate summary of the story that broke early this week regarding the Slee memo. The memo by the late Colin Slee details the secret conflict that flared a year ago when Jeffrey John, the out celibate gay dean of St. Albans was being considered for the bishopric of Southwark.

After a summary of what is known, pointing out this leak came as result of the investigation of the original leak, and some speculation on the part of the Church Mouse on the motivations of others, the Mouse ends with this excellent point:

“These leaks are very damaging, and Mouse can only imagine how hard it is for Jeffrey John in particular to read about himself in this way.

But it is more damaging that the Church operates under these farcical and outdated rules and procedures.

Some have drawn the comparison with the way the Church of Scotland is taking this issue forward.  After a pretty dignified debate, they are planning a report on the way forward.  Whether that approach would work in the Church of England is anyone’s guess.  But what won’t work for the good of the gospel is to go on fudging our way through these issues, and allowing this kind of secret war to go on under the surface.”

Read the full article here.

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