Church in the dark


Stuck at home, in the dark, while a hurricane blows outside on a Sunday morning? Only have a laptop or mobile device with limited battery capacity? In between everything else, you can still go to church electronically.

Mission St. Clare offers Sunday Morning Prayer, complete with hymns.

Here is the eucharistic lectionary for today.

And here is a prerecorded sermon by The Rev. Mark Bozzuti-Jones on today’s assigned gospel lesson, Matthew 16:21-28, from Trinity Wall Street.

Trinity will also be tweeting the Prayers of the People at 11:45 a.m., and beginning at 11:20, will offer a modified service on the same Twitter handle.

Other resources you’re using this morning?

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  1. The Episcopal Church in Garrett County, Maryland has a wonderful free offering. You can subscribe to each day's specific morning prayer or download a general one. (The Office at Noonday and Compline, too !) They also stream Holy Eucharist live on Sundays Rite I at 8a and Rite II at 10.45a.

    Thanks for the link - please sign your name next time you comment. ~ed.

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