The girl who lived

Birhan Woldu, the face of Ethiopia’s 1984 famine i working as a nurse and building schools for children. This is her story. From Why Poverty?

A girl’s day

How much space does a teenager need? What’s it like growing up in a tiny flat where the only place you have privacy is the toilet? From Why Poverty

Coal boy

In the Jaintia Hills of northeast India, a young boy descends everyday into the ‘rathole’ coalmines. He works in these hard and dangerous conditions, so he can support his family.

Waste and want

Households throw away $252 billion in food each year, as much as the market capitalization of Microsoft. From Why Poverty?

The barrel race

A moment in the life of a child in the oil rich Lake Maracaibo region in Venezuela.


A working family in Virginia Beach faces eviction and a pastor tries to help in this brief video from Why Poverty?

Thurgood Marshall and the arc of history

As the Archives of the Episcopal Church, President Gay Jennings of the House of Deputies and the Office of Government Relations are observing a civil rights summer, celebrating the feasts of Thurgood Marshall, Pauli Murray and Jonathan Daniels, we look back at Marshall’s great achievement.