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The British press is covering the development of the Ordinariate as though each person who leaves the Church of England for Rome deserves his or her own personal news story. But in the normal course of things, much larger numbers of people go back and forth between denominations all of the time…(Read More)

Imposing penalties for actions or decisions deemed incompatible with the Covenant is inconsistent with our traditional understanding of covenants, as reflected in the marriage covenant or the baptismal covenant. … The deputation believes that the inclusion of such penalties would be antithetical to any covenantal relationship…(Read More)

Saving St. Cyprian’s


On the heels of our last item about closing small churches, comes this item on saving small churches. Thanks to Sally Hicks at the Duke Divinity School’s online magazine Faith & Leadership for pointing us to this package of stories by Bob Wells. It’s not that the retelling renders a story powerless. But it…(Read More)

Closing churches


Parishioners realized that closing a church would call for a great deal of letting go. They were deeply attached to their building and its contents, for which they had given and worked across the years. They knew the names of people who had given the pews, altar rails, statues, and specific fixtures…(Read More)

Elizabeth Drescher, author of the forthcoming Tweet if you ? Jesus tells KQED Radio that religious apps are proliferating, whether you are looking for kosher wine, guided Christian meditation or Islamic chant…(Read More)

Hope in Nigeria


The priest came to the house with candles, holy water and anointing oils. I had to kneel down, holding candles in my hands,” recalls Ade, now 25, as he sits in a cafe in Lagos. “He kept shouting ‘Come out! Come out! Come out!’ in a fevered voice … I was allowed to go back…(Read More)

We pause from our usual routine today to honor the reason we ever came together in the first place: Christ is risen indeed! A blessed and happy Easter to all. We intend to spend the day doing Easter-y things, and encourage you to do the same. Unless something significant develops, we don’t plan…(Read More)

The Harrowing of Hell


The icon of the Harrowing of Hell reminds us that God reaches into the deepest depths to pull forth souls into the kingdom of light. It reminds us how much we are unable to comprehend – let alone take to heart as our own – our creedal statement about Christ’s descent into Hell…(Read More)

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