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… in the final 10 minutes before a service starts, try to resist peppering your priest with questions or reports about some failure of performance – people or facilities (or both…(Read More)

What would Jesus cut?


Is Jesus the Democrats’ secret weapon? Brad Martin, writing at “What Would Jesus Cut?” movement from the political left: For the last generation, Americans have grown accustomed to evangelical Christianity aggressively entering the arena of public life to support a raft of conservative causes — fights over the contents of school textbooks, battles against gay…(Read More)

The Ugandan parliamentarian behind an anti-homosexual bill that attracted worldwide condemnation says the most controversial part of the proposed legislation — the death penalty provision — is likely to be dropped. David Bahati says if the committee the bill currently sits before recommends that the provision be removed, that he would concede the issue…(Read More)

ABC on Narnia


These lectures will look at some of the most important themes in the novels and ask how far Lewis succeeds in giving new life to traditional Christian ideas about sacrifice, forgiveness and resurrection, doubt and faith, the divine presence in Jesus and the final goals of human life…(Read More)

An additional year of education leads to a 4-percentage-point decline in the likelihood that an individual identifies with any religious tradition; the estimates suggest that increases in schooling can explain most of the large rise in non-affiliation in Canada in recent decades…(Read More)

Diocese of VA back in court


A years-long dispute between the Episcopal Church and several breakaway congregations … will likely be decided on mundane aspects of real estate and contract law…(Read More)

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