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The end of Christendom means that congregations must learn anew how to do adult Christian formation. Too highly rational or intellectual congregations need to rediscover spirituality. They need to re-encounter both mystery and a living God…(Read More)

Compare the Vatican’s treatment of the former Australian bishop who expressed an openness to women’s ordination with its treatment of bishops who knowingly moved abusive priests into position in which they could abuse children yet again…(Read More)

The resources that the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music have gathered in fulfillment of Resolution C056, are now available online. It includes Diocesan resources, resources for liturgy and worship, and others…(Read More)

Church design today should reflect a deep sense of place and a reverence for local context. The design of a church in a southern desert environment should be quite different than that of a church in the northwest mountains or an eastern coastal environment…(Read More)

Another area of serious concern for Amnesty International is discrimination against people based on their perceived or actual sexual orientation. In previous years, including 2010, certain sections of the Ugandan media fuelled homophobia by printing the names and photos of people they thought or perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender along with messages…(Read More)

Let’s not “add to a culture of violence and fear, and increase the number of senseless killings,” Milwaukee’s bishop advises…(Read More)

Teaching the test


Our specific attention was drawn by the content of one of the course’s actual test questions from 2008…(Read More)

Know thy neighborhood


“When members meet Tuesday at the church, they’ll be assigned different routes in a one-mile radius. Members, whom Seles said should invite a friend to join them on the walk, are to be observant as to what they see and who they meet…(Read More)

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