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Bishop Larry Benfield of the Diocese of Arkansas points out there are some small slivers of hope in the midst of the devastation that the tornadoes caused late this week. “In Arkansas, the state has long had a relationship with disaster response teams established by different churches. For example, Presbyterians store supplies between natural disasters…(Read More)

It’s not been a well kept secret that the present Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were living together before they were married. When the Archbishop of York was asked about this directly in an interview late this week, he said that it wasn’t an issue for him. “Dr John Sentamu argued that the…(Read More)

The Episcopal Church Building Fund has established a micro-loan fund to assist small to mid-sized congregations to develop creative uses for their biggest material assets: their buildings…(Read More)

Shiloh Baptist Church in the District of Columbia, that the Obama family attended on Easter Sunday, has received threats of violence after a conservative television commentator played a January, 2010 videotape, in which the pastor said that those espousing racial prejudice do so “under the protective cover of talk radio…(Read More)

At its April 28 meeting, the Church Pension Fund Board of Trustees elected Mary Kate Wold to succeed T. Dennis Sullivan as President and CEO of the Church Pension Fund…(Read More)

UPDATED “After this sort of traumatic event, people deeply need spiritual support,” said Mears. “Local churches, like St. Thomas’, can provide a safe space to talk through the grief and loss that people are feeling, and the churches can also work with families to meet their immediate physical needs. Pastoral care and immediate relief ideally…(Read More)

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