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Immigration update


On Thursday, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. intervened in a different immigration case involving a same-sex couple, suspending the deportation of a man from Ireland and sending his case back to the immigration appeals court, asking it to consider several possible grounds on which the Irishman might qualify for legal residency…(Read More)

Free riders in the sky


Many businesses and retailers have discovered that discount coupons that may get people into stores does not always translate into repeat business if no discount or freebie is involved. Churches don’t offer coupons or giveaways, but have the same problem: people who use their services but do not support their ministries financially…(Read More)

Riazat Butt reports in more detail about the ABC’s appointment of two new flying bishops for the Church of England to replace the two who fled to Rome…(Read More)

N. T. Wright on OBL


Of course, ‘proper justice’ is hard to come by internationally. America regularly casts the UN (and the International Criminal Court) as the hapless sheriff, and so continues to play the world’s undercover policeman. The UK has gone along for the ride. What will we do when new superpowers arise and try the same trick…(Read More)

“The thrust of today’s decision does not diminish the Supreme Court’s earlier opinion that clearly found, based on the record before it, that the property belongs to the diocese and wider church,” Shiner said, citing the Court of Appeal’s 2010 opinion in favor of the diocese and wider church…(Read More)

The $15m question


ENS reports today on the capital campaign to raise $15 million to endow the College of Bishops amd the largely negative comments it has drawn since it was reported on Tuesday here at the Cafe, at The Episcopal Cafe Facebook page and elsewhere…(Read More)

This article about about women who have children and have made the ordination vow has popped up in enough places it seems appropriate that our readers should give their take. My take is, if the physical limitations of men to bear children aside, our male clergy with a spouse who works should have the same…(Read More)

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