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A performance of the Magnificat (by Bryan Kelly) from Evensong on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009, at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Sung by the Men and Boys of the Cathedral Choir, directed by Benjamin Bachmann, Canon Director of Music. Robert Gurney, organ…(Read More)

Hope from hurting


Sometimes you have to feel an emotion to its fullest before you can let go of it, but sometimes a (workshop) facilitator or someone who means well will intervene too quickly, because they can’t handle the emotion, and try to make everything better right away. You have to say, let me be weak for…(Read More)

Showing our age


[The main reason for decline] is missing out on one of the dominant demographic trends to emerge from the recent census: the influx of young immigrants into communities across the United States…(Read More)

Happy 80th Willie Mays


From the HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE MAYS A day late but still heartfelt. What I know about Willie Mays, I know from the stories told by people who watched him … and the stories people tell is of someone who enlivened the moment, a player who made them feel a little bit more alert, a little…(Read More)

…our young people do know something about self-sacrifice. When they are confirmed next Saturday, they will be committing themselves to continue on this journey, not because they have all the answers now, but because in their continuing exploration of what it means to be Christian, they believe they can find lives of meaning and…(Read More)

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