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A massive tornado struck Joplin Missouri today. It appears that at least one hospital was hit directly. Early reports list multiple casualties in the region. “The twister was part of a line of severe weather that swept across the Midwest on Sunday, prompting tornado watches and warnings that stretched from Wisconsin to Texas. High winds…(Read More)

“The Anglican Church was part of the foundation of this city and has been a living part of its growth and heritage for all these years and we have no intention of doing anything other than continuing to contribute to the life and spirit of our city…(Read More)

Ours, thankfully, is not a system that expects the spouse to be fully engaged like, say, Victoria Osteen. But to suggest there aren’t any expectations at all (not even a few tacit assumptions?) might be going too far…(Read More)

It isn’t just Camping and his camp who may be in lawyers’ crosshairs, O ye hawkers of the eschaton. If you’ve positioned yourself as a legitimate franchisee, you, too, may be eligible for divine American style justice…(Read More)

Story Corp, from National Public Radio, had a story this week about a woman who has demonstrated the principles of restorative justice in a way that few of us could even begin to imagine. “It begins with the gang-related murder of her son, Laramiun Byrd, and it extends from a conscious decision to forgive…(Read More)

As the Spring starts to turn into Summer, parishes in the warmer climates are waving goodbye to their winter-time members. And northern congregations are waving hello. The strong seasonal differences between the sizes of congregations presents some challenges to people left behind…(Read More)

The ongoing Indaba process, first widely encountered at the Lambeth Conference in 2008, has led to a meeting between Anglicans from around the world in a Staten Island parish hall. “Anglicans from Mumbai and Delhi in India and Derby in England visited Ground Zero and then took the Staten Island Ferry over to this borough…(Read More)

As this is posted, it is now Sunday morning in New Zealand. Harold Camping has been predicting that world should have started ending at 6 PM Saturday. This is latest in a series of failed predictions of the end of the world…(Read More)

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