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Abp of Wales sounds alarm


In his presidential address to the church’s governing body, Dr. Morgan laid out a plan for a thorough review of the Church in Wales, adding, “One thing that will help us as we embark on this process if we feel a bit threatened or beleaguered, is the knowledge that some of the issues we…(Read More)

“The Red Desert is one of God’s stunning creations,” . . . “It’s still a wild place, a wilderness, and wilderness is where people go to look for spiritual awareness…(Read More)

Explaining sainthood


The beatification of Pope John Paul II this Sunday will probably be the biggest event in Rome since his death in April 2005, with at least 300,000 people expected to turn out for the ceremony and more than 2 million to take part in beatification-related activities in Rome…(Read More)

Show us your Easter!


Taking the lead from “Church marketing sucks,” we are asking you to “Show us your Easter!” What images, video, sermons, publicity, bulletins, etc. helped to make your church’s Easter come alive…(Read More)

… in the final 10 minutes before a service starts, try to resist peppering your priest with questions or reports about some failure of performance – people or facilities (or both…(Read More)

What would Jesus cut?


Is Jesus the Democrats’ secret weapon? Brad Martin, writing at “What Would Jesus Cut?” movement from the political left: For the last generation, Americans have grown accustomed to evangelical Christianity aggressively entering the arena of public life to support a raft of conservative causes — fights over the contents of school textbooks, battles against gay…(Read More)

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