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Bishop Talton writes: “It is now time, to the extent permitted by California law and the Canons of The Episcopal Church, to extend to these couples the ‘generous pastoral response’ necessary to meet their needs as members of this Church…(Read More)

Is John Paul’s sainthood a foregone conclusion, or does the scandal simply cast too long a shadow? Perhaps in both cases, I suspect the answer is Yes…(Read More)

Co-opting the Church?


Like the author of a piece posted on Ekklesia, I too am finding myself more and more influenced by the anabaptist understandings of non-violence, the rejection of privatism of belief and the discomfort with the co-option of the Church to the Empire. And so as much as I reveled in the essential Anglicanism…(Read More)

There’s a new statement circulating and gaining thousands of signatures by religious leaders. This time it’s being signed by people who are disquieted by the government’s willingness to balance budgets on the backs of the poor. “As Christians, we believe the moral measure of the debate is how the most poor and…(Read More)

Bishop Larry Benfield of the Diocese of Arkansas points out there are some small slivers of hope in the midst of the devastation that the tornadoes caused late this week. “In Arkansas, the state has long had a relationship with disaster response teams established by different churches. For example, Presbyterians store supplies between natural disasters…(Read More)

It’s not been a well kept secret that the present Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were living together before they were married. When the Archbishop of York was asked about this directly in an interview late this week, he said that it wasn’t an issue for him. “Dr John Sentamu argued that the…(Read More)

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