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Leaders of the church said Monday that they were not leaving the Episcopal Church because of the ordination of gays and women … Instead, church members said, they were satisfying their longing for a clear religious authority by welcoming the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI…(Read More)

Bosco Peters proposes a new award: the face-palm Jesus. While we all might want to propose categories which would qualify for the prize, he talks specifically about liturgical practice. But what about our common life…(Read More)

Many congregations would produce answers to this question that reflect what they do today – such things as sermons and hymns, committee meetings, church buildings, members, pledges, organ music. They have been so resistant to change that I can only guess that they firmly believe these ways of doing things to be their “business…(Read More)

I’m convinced that bad art derives, like bad literary theory, from bad theology. To know God falsely is to write and paint and sculpt and cook and dance Him falsely. Perhaps it’s not poor artistic skill that yields bad Christian art, in other words, but poor Christianity…(Read More)

For the moment, it looks like Dean Streit will be the one ponying up for the jersey. His Bruins are down 0-2 in the series and need to win four out of the remaining five games in the series to bring home Lord Stanley’s famed Cup…(Read More)

Episcopal elections generate excitement and enthusiasm in a diocese, and the whole church wishes to be a part in each election…(Read More)

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